Frequent Q&A

Q: Are bottles sterilized after use each day?
A; Yes, we sterilized all the bottles, nipples, glasses, cutlery, bowls after we use them

Q: How often do you clean the toys?
A: For toys, we clean them everyday with toy and surface cleaner non-toxic sanitizer, alcohol free, soap free, and safe for babies

Q: Do you provide diapers or do parents have to bring these?
A: For diapers, we ask parents to bring it because we don’t provide it to decrease rash matter on the baby

Q: Is it possible to provide an anti-mosquito tent for the baby to sleep in when taking naps (to prevent him from getting bitten).
A: We don’t provide mosquito tent right now. But we always spray our room with anti mosquito spray everyday and we always close this room’s door all the times.

Q: My baby is allergic to certain food, will this be a problem?
A: Since the first time your child enroll with us, we will ask what kind of food your child eats and doesn’t eat. If your child has allergy, we will try our best to accommodate and modify our menu. Parents can also consult directly with our chef to see if we can substitute with other ingredients that we have available or parents can bring their own food.

Q: When my baby turns 6 months, what kind of meal will you provide?
A:  A couple of days before your baby turns 6 months, we will discuss with you what kind of single food you want us to give to your baby and the the mealtime schedule.

Q: My baby likes to drink milk from the spoon, not the bottle. Can you accommodate this?
A: Sure, we can have the baby drink from spoon if you have the equipment. But if you don’t have one available, we suggest to buy soft feeder bottle to feed your baby.

Q : How can I keep my breast milk here ? And how do you know which breast milk is belong to my baby and other babies ?
A : We have a special refrigerator to store your breast milk and we separate them from other baby’s breastmilk with a small container